A Second Chance

by | 17 Oct, 2016 | Lifestyle, Numerology

What if life gave you a second chance? Would you choose to start your life from scratch? Or would you continue applying the same old formula? Most of us like to think that second chances happen only to a few people. It’s an opportunity given to those who are lucky enough to have it. Numerology, however, tells a different story. Every now and then, all of us are blessed with the opportunity of directing our lives on a new path. It’s all part of the original plan: we start, we walk, we slow down/stop, we evaluate, and restart.
We get to choose better, do better, and be better.

I’ve been granted my second chance many times. 4 times, to be more precise. Every single time the number 5 knocked on my door.
Before I go on, let me tell you a bit more about the number 5; it is adventurous, dynamic, adaptable, and enthusiastic. On the other side, it can be careless, distracted, misleading, and uncertain.
To be balanced, it requires movement and vision; freedom and discipline; change and goals.

Now, for those of you who are familiar with numerology, you might be thinking: “Wait, Ana! Shouldn’t we be talking about the number 1 instead? Isn’t it the number of all new beginnings?” Well, the thing about 5 is that it gives you an opportunity to change whatever you’ve decided to begin under the influenced of the energy of 1, this is why it’s called “the second chance number.” It’s an open door for improvement, a change of plans, and better results.
The tricky thing about 5 is that it doesn’t wait for you to make a move. It changes everything without your permission, which forces you to always be one step ahead of the game, so you don’t fall victim to its uncertainty.

This new website represents me taking my second chance. Deliberately choosing to adapt instead of resisting, and responding instead of reacting. This is my way of realizing that I could do better and be better.
Taking advantage of my amazing (yet challenging!) personal year 5, it’s now time to revise my goals and set new intentions.
This new website clears the way for a new approach to what Numerology and the Akashic Records can be as self-development tools. It is my statement to what I believe anyone can do, if only you are willing to go within.

I’m so happy to be sharing my vision and my work with those who have been so supportive throughout this amazing adventure.
If you just got here, I challenge you to stick around.
The best is yet to come!

With Love ♡,

Ana Sequeira

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