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Numerology is one of the most powerful tools for personal growth.

Through the study of the blueprint of you soul – your name and date of birth – you can gain insight into your challenges and opportunities, your personality traits and, most of all, the reason for your existence.

Dare to awaken your potential. Take the next step into becoming the best version of yourself.

Akashic Records

Every soul is on a journey filled with experiences of all kinds. All those experiences follow a pattern of evolution that you chose to live the moment you embraced this physical form.

An Akashic Records Reading allows you to recognize those experiences, your inner blockages, and the paths that can lead you to fulfillment.

Your story was always meant to be one of love and happiness.Join this experience and fall in love with this magical journey called life.

Workshops & Training

Specially design for those who want to take their lives to the next level, both Numerology and Akashic Records’ workshops and training are one of a kind, totally life-changing experiences you just can’t miss.

Available Workshops (also in webinar version)
• Numerology to Discover your Life Path
• Numerology for Healthy Relationships
• Numerology for Conscious Parenting

Available Training (in person and online)
• Intuitive and Therapeutical Numerology Training
• Akashic Records Reading Training

You can render God and humanity no greater

service than to make the most of yourself.

Wallace D. Wattles

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